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Getting an affordable contractor mortgage can be a tricky business without the knowhow and understanding. Thankfully there are professionals who deal with negotiations of mortgages every day. They are known as contractor mortgage brokers. We show you why you need a broker and where to find the best contractor mortgage brokers in Melbourne.

What is contractor mortgage brokering?

A contractor mortgage is a long-term loan for a residential property such as a house or flat designed for a self-employed or contractor. Most are assessed individually according to the property being mortgaged. This can be negotiated with a contractor mortgage broker

What to consider when dealing with contractor mortgage brokers?          

A homeowner needs to consider their savings, finance brokers, research, deposit, type of rate, terms and conditions, amortilization, prepaying and other issues.

In the USA, a contractor mortgage can be straight-forward to sign up for. In the UK, a business owner will consider a contractor mortgage when their initial loan is finished (worth approximately $30000 or £25000).

Financial information, lenders and research

There are all sorts of lenders nowadays, but since the 2008 financial crash, many businesses have turned towards private finance brokers to deal with it. You can either go towards a specialist bank or mortgage lender for your contractor mortgage like Freddie Mac in the USA or Lloyds Bank in the UK.

Financial information and total savings will determine how much the lender can estimate the contractor mortgage and debt recovery.

  • Make sure you are prepared to hand this over to your lender.

Research is strongly advised to see the best rates and services each lender can provide. This can be from a low rate of repayment or other personalized customer service and advice.

When a contractor mortgage has been drawn up, a recommended deposit should be 20% or more. A flexible or fixed rate of repayment can be discussed. Click here !

Terms and conditions, amortilization, prepayment and other

Contractor mortgage brokers will do their best to make sure the contractor mortgage terms and conditions are as favorable as possible.

  • Re-read and ask the finance broker to clear any misunderstandings.

Amortilization is paying off money owed in regular amounts over a fixed schedule. However with mortgages, payment will increase during the fixed schedule so balloon payments will occur. Make sure this is anticipated.

Prepaying may be flexible depending on the lender agreement. However, if you have a recourse, the owner must pay back all debt or the house may become repossessed.


When taking out a mortgage, one must consider many factors, these can include who they lend with, research, deposit, type of rate, terms and conditions, amortilization, and prepayment.

Do extensive background research, choose a reputable provider or independent finance brokers with a good history of lending, making sure the business has a high enough deposit for the initial payment. Choose a rate that suits the business’s finances, understand terms and conditions and pay off regularly and understanding prepayments. A business can soar with a commercial contractor mortgage using a reputable finance broker. Visit this site for more information :

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